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Operating Philosophy

Ascent Engineering's operating philosophy is simple - provide the best solutions to our clients' problems in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. There are several key elements that drive our firm's success:

  • We employ quality personnel.
  • We are flexible: We meet your needs not ours.
  • We value our clients' trust and goodwill.

Personnel- Ascent Engineering attracts knowledgeable and motivated employees by offering them a challenging and rewarding work environment. All of our employees are ambassadors for the firm, and are key to the firm's success.

Needs- To better meet our client's needs, our problem solving technique is unique.

Flexibility- Before we begin any project, we discuss with our client and internally our proposed solution process. The optimal project strategy will depend on the nature and scope of each individual project. There is no "Ascent way" in which all projects must be tackled. Our projects may range from a few hours of consulting, to time and materials take-offs for a turnaround, all the way to a full "Schedule A" package, with or without detailed engineering such as procurement, scheduling, and project management.

Multidiscipline Skills- We do not require that each project have an engineer for each discipline. Our lead engineers have diverse skills allowing us to keep costs down and productivity high.

Integrated Problem Solving- We employ a cohesive project approach which attacks the various project disciplines simultaneously. For example, heat and material balances are developed in conjunction with hydraulic analyses. This is particularly advantageous during revamp work in which the heat and material balance must be adjusted to work within the constraints of existing equipment. We are able to successfully tackle projects using a cohesive project approach because our principal engineers are skilled in the following project areas: conceptualization, simulation, hydraulic analysis, equipment design and operation (tower, pump, exchanger, heater, drum, and instrument, etc.), PFD and P&ID development, procurement, scheduling, and project management. Implementing this approach allows us to control costs, meet schedule, and assure quality.

Tools- Our staff is skilled in the use of the latest engineering tools such as: Simulation Science's PROVision & PRO/II, Hyprotech's Hysim, WinSim's Design II for Windows, Aspen, Deerhaven's PD Plus, and Primavera project planning software.

Trust- The final key to our firm's success is that we value and respect our clients. On every project, we attempt to act as an extension of the client's staff. Our engineering decisions are made with the individual client's preferences and best interests in mind. Our clients' goodwill is one of our most valuable assets.