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While our engineers have tackled a wide variety of work during their careers, an overview of our specialties follows:

  • Conceptualization. Defining the scope and project options for both grassroots and revamp projects.
  • Process Simulation. Our firm specializes in process simulation of refinery, renewable energy and chemical processing facilities. Much of our work typically centers around process simulation to identify and define processing options. We have utilized Hysys, PRO/II and Winsim. We have also dynamically modeled processes with Dynsim.
  • Equipment Specification. Providing engineering specifications for pieces of major equipment. These include reactors, towers and internals, pumps, exchangers, heaters, drums, and instruments.
  • Hydraulic Analysis. Assess and design hydraulic loops. This is often done in conjunction with the process design during revamps.
  • Cost Estimating. Our process engineers have prepared many scoping-quality cost estimates. This is often done during the process design phase to select the most cost-effective processing options.
  • Procurement. Follow through with procurement after the process design is complete. Having the engineer who specified the equipment follow through with procurement often allows for better vendor and equipment selection.
  • Scheduling. Our process engineers often schedule the projects as they are being completed. Defining the schedule keeps the process engineers on track for the overall project goals.
  • Project Management. Serving as project managers for our, or other firms’ activities.
  • Trouble-Shooting & Plant Support. We can supply the on-site effort necessary to help alleviate problems. Our engineers have worked in plants for extended periods of time for unit and turnaround support.
  • Turnaround Scheduling. Scheduling major turnarounds both in conjunction with and independent of our firm’s engineering involvement. It is a good fit to schedule the turnaround for a revamp which we have engineered