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Many plants maximize their profitability by running up to unit limits or bottlenecks. These constraints may affect the unit charge rate, product rate, or product quality. No matter what the bottleneck, there are often minor changes that can alleviate the restrictions.

Incremental debottlenecking can significantly improve an existing facility's capacity and profitability. Debottlenecking issues should be considered during the following stages of a plant's life:

Debottlenecking Design Points

Debottlenecking Operating Opportunities

Debottlenecking Revamps

There are also many debottlenecking options specific to common refinery units. 


Debottlenecking can maximize an existing plant's profitability. However, debottlenecking considerations should be taken into account during the design stage of a new facility to allow for future debottlenecking. Also, sometimes a fresh view of an operating facility can lead to debottlenecking ideas. Specific "tricks" should be considered for specific refinery units. All of these debottlenecking factors can help keep your plant one step ahead of the competition.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information, or if we can offer assistance in debottlenecking your plant.