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Ascent Engineering, Inc. since 1997

Process Design and Engineering Experience  



New Iso Stripper Process Design Package, Project Engineering, Startup

Refinery Conceptual Expansion Optimization

Acid Regenerator Project Engineering

Technical Training

Base Case Simulation

Used Oil Reprocessing Simulation

Conceptual Expansion

MSAT II Compliance

Conceptual Debottlenecking

Filter/Incineration Optimization Study

Expansion Process Design Package

Relief valve Studies (Multiple)

Expansion Project Review

Plant Wide PSV and Flare Studies

HF Alkylation Unit Review

HD Petroleum Distillation Design

Alky Unit Treating Study

Startup and Turnaround Support



Fuel Gas Amine Absorber Process Design Package

Process Design for a Revamp and Relocation of an Existing Unit

Base Case Simulation and Troubleshooting

Hydrocracker Naphtha Fractionation Study

Recycle Gas Expansion


Expansion Process Design Package


Refractionate Coker Naphtha

Client Representative During Licensor Process Design Package Development

Grass Roots Conceptual Design

Crude & Vacuum

HAZOP Assistance

Water Wash Installation Process Design Package

Feasibility Study for a New Crude

New Crude Debottlenecking (3)

Drum Size Evaluation and New Specifications

Vent Gas Compressor Conceptual Scoping and Process Design

Client EPC Representative


Grass Roots Design for Heavy Oil Upgrader Demonstration Plant

Hydrocracker Fractionation Troubleshooting

Flash Point Study

Scoping Expansion Study

Grass Roots Conceptual Design

ULSD Revamp

Grass Roots Design for Heavy Oil Upgrader

Hydrogen Plant Client Representative

Hydrogen Plant Optimization

Operations and Startup Assistance

Feed and Product Offsites Design

Client EPC Representative

PHA Assistance

Unit debottlenecking Revamp Process Design Package

Process Design for Increased Product Cooling

Improved Diesel Recovery

HDT Stripper Optimization

Vacuum Jet Troubleshooting

Gas Oil HDT Conceptual Study

Modeling to Assist Pinch Study (2)

Hydrocracker Fractionation Design

Pinch Study

NHT Naphtha Splitter Fractionation Study

Crude and Vacuum Study

VGO HDT Conversion to DSL HDT

Crude Slop Stream Capacity Improvement

Dewaxing Conceptual Study

Light Ends

Lubes Process Design Package for Multiple Cases

Sats Gas Plant Modifications for Specification Propane

Maximize Distillate Production

Light Ends Recovery Design

Crude Unit Naphtha Debottlenecking

Operations and Startup Assistance

Crude Unit Revamp

Base Case Evaluation (2)

Transfer Line Evaluation

Conceptual Debottlenecking (2)

Unit Evaluation for Relocation (2)

Expansion Process Design Package (2)

Canadian Dilbit Design

Butane Treating (2)

New Crude Unit Design; Crude Unit Conceptual Studies (2)

Light Ends Recovery From Fuel Gas Conceptual Study

Crude Unit Review

NGL Stabilization Project

Crude Unit Revamp Cold Eyes Review

Gas Plant Conceptual Study

Solvent Deasphalting Unit Review

Butane Recovery Conceptual Study

Solvent Deasphalter Startup Support

Solvent Deasphalter- Solvent Loss to Product Troubleshooting

Refinery Operations Support

Interim Technical Manager


Turnaround Support


Operations Support

Slurry Circuit Fouling Prevention

Wet Gas Compressor Debottlenecking

Renewable Energy

Gas Plant Modeling and Debottlenecking

Water in RTO Feed Troubleshooting

Base Case Evaluation

Solar Project P&ID Development

Gas Plant Due Diligence Conceptual Study

New Biodesulfurization Conceptual Design Assistance

Conceptual Expansion Study

Process Evaluation Study


FCCU Gas Plant Modifications

Debutanizer Simulation

Effluent System Modeling for Severity Reduction


Preheat Study


Incinerator Debottlenecking


Chemical Abatement Tower Review and Design


Gathering and Reinjection Process Conceptualization

Cooling Water System Debottlenecking and Piping Design

Vent Gas Scrubbing Feasibility Study

Cooling Water System Debottlenecking

H2S Emissions Reduction Study

Steam Drum Sizing

Cooling Water System Hydraulic Modeling and Debottlenecking

Geothermal Solids Filtering

Condensate System Improvement Study

Sour Water System Improvement Study

Sour Water Stripper Troubleshooting

Pump Hydraulic Analysis (2)

Vent Gas Scrubbing

Hydrogen Balance and Flaring Reduction Study

Vent Gas Scrubbing

Waste Incineration Scrubber Review

Caustic System Evaluation