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Ascent Engineering is a process engineering consulting firm. We have experience with debottlenecking, major revamps, relief valve studies, and simulation and grass roots design. Some of our publications include: Deep cut vacuum tower operations can offer significant incentives over existing operations. Meeting RVP - Different Situations, Different Answers. Alky Deisobutanizer Improvements.
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Alky Deisobutanizer Optimization Alternative/Renewable Energy Projects
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Brent and Arabian Heavy Crudes Brent and Arabian TBP Curves
Debottlenecking Design Points Debottlenecking Hydrotreaters
Debottlenecking Operating Opportunites Debottlenecking Refinery Units
Debottlenecking Revamps Debutanizer RVP Curve
Deep Cut Vacuum Tower Economics Deep Cut Vacuum Towers
DYNSIM and Dynamic Simulation for Process Relief Calculations Effect of Flash Zone Pressures
Effect of Flash Zone Temperature Fluids and Heat Xfer Conversions
Kristina Talbot Scholten - Process and Automation Engineer Meeting RVP with Revised Operating Targets
Optimized Furnace Design Refiners Match RVP Reduction Measures to Operating Problems
Refinery Debottlenecking Opportunities by Unit Refinery Design
Renewable Energy Design Projects RVP
RVP Control FCCU Debutanizer- PFD RVP Equipment Fouling Section
RVP Reductions from Equipment Debottlenecking RVP-FCCU Debutanizer Operating Data
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