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Ascent Engineering, Inc. has experience supporting refineries undergoing turnarounds. Frequently refineries need help with vessel inspections, catalyst loading monitoring and review, and general engineering support during these outages. It is particularly critical that trays are installed properly, and measures are taken to assure beds are loaded correctly. A lack of attention to design details can lead to difficult startups and a failure of the unit to perform to its full design capacity and yield.


Ascent Engineering, Inc.'s primary role is to supplement the refinery's process engineering staff in any area required. This usually includes careful review of equipment drawings and loading plans prior to our visit for the purpose of assuring that no details are missed during the short turnaround window.  Ascent creates checklists and confirms critical components are reinstalled properly. Distillation columns frequently are inspected tray-by-tray.


There are always surprises that require quick engineering judgments and accurate calculations. For example, exchanger bundles or distillation trays may not be in the anticipated condition, and may require engineering calculations to determine if acceptable performance will be achieved upon reinstallation. We can model the exchangers or columns quickly, with the revised plugged tube count or tray data and determine before startup what results can be anticipated. We can then assist in the difficult economic decisions regarding whether it is better to delay startup waiting on a replacement bundle/tray, or accept the anticipated reduced performance until the next planned shutdown.


Ascent Engineers will assure feedback to all team members is given in a timely fashion, and frequent reports of all findings are issued. Let us assist you in your next successful turnaround.