Industry Expertise

Ascent Engineering, Inc. specializes in the design and modification of petroleum refineries, chemical processing and alternative energy facilities. Our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, with offices throughout the US.

Our engineers solve problems. Whether it is a few hours of general consulting or Schedule “A” packages, our goal is not just to complete a project, but to drive the project to success with integrity, knowledge, and found opportunities in order to enhance your company’s profitability.

Our Team

Ascent’s hiring standards bring us high achievers, motivated and experienced troubleshooters that offer a broad perspective gained from working on a variety of projects. We appreciate our employees as they are Ascent’s ambassadors and the key to our success.

To our customers, this means quality consultants and a profitable, successful project.

Our Work Method

As a company, we have decades’ worth of experience in refining from design to operations, so we have a deep understanding of the synergy between units. Our technical advisory skills are beyond what’s typically found in the average company whose business is to turn projects out and keep a large detailed engineering project staff billable. We are experts on up-front project scoping and design and can draw on our 20+ years of successful revamps to suggest ideas that make our client’s projects profitable. Clients come to Ascent for a holistic review of the refinery and are satisfied to find the right-sized firm completing the right-sized projects for their needs.

Our wide range of FEL-0 to FEL-2 experience across all refinery hydrocarbon units and our approach to projects are second to none. Your success is our most valuable asset.