The optimal strategy is the one that is best for the nature and scope of each project individually. There is no cookie cutter approach in which all projects are handled.

Multi-Discipline Skill

Our lead engineers have diverse skills that allow Ascent to minimize project team size and maximize productivity. Because of this, we do not require a different engineer for every discipline.

Integrated Problem Solving

We can control costs, meet schedules, and assure quality with our cohesive project approach that encompasses various project disciplines simultaneously.

Ascent Engineering, Inc

Ascent Engineering, Inc specializes in the design and modification of petroleum refineries, chemical processing and alternative energy facilities. Our specialty is maximizing the opportunity in your existing assets and uncovering projects opportunities worth millions. We listen to your concerns and perform a full review of your operations, which includes in-depth research, assessment, monitoring, and design of units, all the way through installation, oversight and follow up to allow for continuous improvement. While focusing on the whole project, we target missed opportunities which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our right size company is the perfect size for your project. Our projects can range from a few hours of consulting and minor equipment changes, to detailed Process Design Packages for multi-unit revamps. Our engineers solve problems; not just to project completion, but to project success.

Ascent’s core values include

Focus on driving operational efficiencies from your existing or new plant designs. We improve output and profitability without relying on capital investments.

Access to the latest innovations, resources and refinery opportunities. A team partner with proven up-front project identification and execution.

Experience of an industry leader. Proven success in government regulation modifications, increasing refinery efficiency, and specialization in up-front project scoping.

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Team implementing a holistic approach from concept through completion. Review of all equipment leading to proper identification of the best opportunities.

Improvement of process design, while reducing project costs.

Ascent boasts a wide range of design and operating experience in the following areas:

  • Alkylation
  • Crude & Vacuum
  • Geothermal
  • Operations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Utilities
  • Amine
  • FCCU
  • Hydroprocessing
  • Reformer
  • SRU
  • Miscellaneous
  • Coker
  • Gasification
  • Light Ends
  • Refinery Optimization
  • Tier 3 Compliance
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