The best process engineers make businesses optimize their processes to deliver the best product possible. Ascent has been a key component in the success of the following projects:

Project Scope
Alky Relocation Process Design Package Alon (Krotz-Springs)
Conceptual Debottlenecking Frontier
Expansion Process Design Package Frontier
Expansion Project Review Frontier
Iso Stripper New Side Reboiler Marathon (Gallup)
Isobutane Recovery Improvement Project Motiva (Norco)
HF Alkylation Unit Review Murphy
Base Case Simulation Western
Conceptual Expansion Western
Alky Unit Treating Study Western (El Paso)
Alkylation Unit Revamp Initial Design Western (El Paso)
Isobutane Recovery Improvement Project Motiva (Norco)
New Iso Stripper Process Design Package, Project Engineering, Startup Williams
Acid Regenerator Project Engineering Williams
Project Scope
Fuel Gas Amine Absorber Process Design Package Williams
Conceptual Debottlenecking Western
Amine Regeneration Project (2) Sinclair (Casper)
Project Scope
Coker Gas Oil Recovery Marathon (Robinson)
Coker MACT Compliance Cold Eyes Review Motiva (Port Arthur)
Revamp Western
Refractionate Coker Naphtha Lyondell-Basell
Project Scope
Unit Evaluation for Relocation (2) Basic
New Crude Unit Design; Crude Unit Conceptual Studies (2) Calumet Montana
HAZOP Assistance Chevron (El Paso)
Vent Gas Compressor Conceptual Scoping and Process Design Chevron (El Paso)
Improved Diesel Recovery Chevron (El Paso)
Vacuum Jet Troubleshooting Chevron (El Paso)
Crude Unit Revamp Cold Eyes Review Coffeyville
New Crude Debottlenecking (3) Confidential
Grass Roots Conceptual Design Confidential
Grass Roots Design for Heavy Oil Upgrader Demonstration Plant Confidential
Grass Roots Design for Heavy Oil Upgrader Confidential
Lubes Process Design Package for Multiple Cases Confidential
Dewaxing Conceptual Study Confidential
Crude and Vacuum Study Confidential
Crude Unit Revamp (Light Oil Confidential
Crude Unit Review Murphy; HollyFrontier (El Dorado); Sinclair
Crude Expansion Marathon (Gallup)
Maximize Distillate Production Monroe Energy
Crude and Vacuum Study Monroe Energy (Trainer)
Crude and Vacuum Revamp Monroe Energy (Trainer)
Crude Unit Debottlenecking Project for New Crude Slate Motiva (Norco)
Atmospheric Tower Tray Specification Motiva (Norco)
Crude and Vacuum Unit Cold Eyes Review Motiva (Port Arthur)
Operations and Startup Assistance Multiple
Solvent Deasphalting Unit Review Murphy
Crude Unit Revamp/Fix Vacuum Tower Navajo
Crude and Vacuum Update for Revised Crude Navajo
Crude Performance Improvement Navajo
Preflash Tower Bottoms Hydraulics Navajo
Solvent Deasphalter Startup Support Nexen
Solvent Deasphalter- Solvent Loss to Product Troubleshooting Nexen
Canadian Dilbit Design Nexen
Crude Unit Naphtha Debottlenecking Nexen; U.S. Oil
Client EPC Representative OPTI
Crude Debottleneck and Diesel Recovery Phillips 66 (Borger)
Crude and Vacuum Diesel Recovery Phillips 66
Crude, Vacuum, and SATS Project Development Support Phillips 66 (Ferndale)
Crude Expansion and Distillate Draw Silver Eagle
Crude Unit Simulation Silver Eagle
Transfer Line Evaluation Silver Eagle
Crude Unit Design Review Sinclair
Crude Fouling Study Sinclair (Casper)
Feasibility Study for a New Crude Stancil
Flash Point Study Stancil
Crude Unit Revamp U.S. Oil
Crude and Vacuum Unit Revamp U.S. Oil
Modeling to Assist Pinch Study (2) Valero
Pinch Study Valero
Crude Slop Stream Capacity Improvement Western
Unit debottlenecking Revamp Process Design Package Western
Project Scope
Debottlenecking Chevron
Slurry Circuit Fouling Prevention Chevron
New Tray Design Coffeyville
Gas Plant Due Diligence Conceptual Study Confidential
FCCU Cold Eyes Operations Review CountryMark
FCCU Review for Increased C3+ Recovery Marathon (Mandan)
Reactor/Regenerator Review Monroe Energy (Trainer)
FCCU High Level Review Navajo
Gas Plant Modeling and Debottlenecking Sinclair
Process Evaluation Study Sinclair
Olefin Splitter OH Pressure Control Modifications Sinclair (Casper)
FCCU Stabilizer Fractionation Improvement Sinclair (Casper)
FCCU Gas Plant Modifications Sinclair; CVR Energy
Base Case Evaluation Western
Wet Gas Compressor Debottlenecking Western
Conceptual Expansion Study Western
Project Scope
Preheat Study FalconBridge
Project Scope
Chemical Abatement Tower Review and Design Ormat
Steam Drum Sizing Ormat
Gathering and Reinjection Process Conceptualization Ormat
Vent Gas Scrubbing Feasibility Study Ormat
H2S Emissions Reduction Study Ormat
Geothermal Solids Filtering Confidential
Project Scope
Naphtha Processing Calumet Montana
Gas Oil HDT Conceptual Study Calumet Montana
Hydrogen Feed and Recovery System Study Calumet Montana
Naphtha Splitter Fractionation Study Coffeyville
Recycle Gas Expansion Confidential
Scoping Expansion Study Confidential
Expansion Study Confidential
Process Design for a Revamp and Relocation of an Existing Unit Confidential
Expansion Process Design Package Confidential
Grass Roots Conceptual Design Confidential
Client Representative During Licensor Process Design Package Development Confidential
Heavy Oil HDT Debottlenecking Confidential
Lubes Hydroprocessing Unit Evaluation For More Difficult Feedstock Confidential
Hydrotreater Cold Eyes Review Confidential
Reactor Internals Specification Confidential
Hydrocracker Fractionation Design CVR Energy
NHT Naphtha Splitter Fractionation Study CVR Energy
Feed and Product Offsites Design Giant; Valero
PHA Assistance Holly
Hydrocracker Naphtha Fractionation Study Holly; Nexen
ULSD Process Study Navajo
RVP reduction preliminary study Marathon (Detroit)
NHT Depentanizer OH Fin Fan Design Marathon (Detroit)
NHT Heat Exchanger Review Marathon (Detroit)
KHT/DHT Expansion Marathon (Gallup)
Hydrocracker Revamp Study Marathon (Robinson)
Conceptual Isocracker Revamp Monroe Energy
NHT Base Case Study Monroe Energy
VGO HDT Conversion to DSL HDT Monroe Energy
Hydrotreater Limits and Opportunities Scoping Monroe Energy (Trainer)
Isocracker Jet Production Study Monroe Energy (Trainer)
NHT Reactor Effluent Fouling Review Monroe Energy (Trainer)
ULSD Revamp Montana Refining
Hydrogen Plant Client Representative Montana Refining
Hydrocracker Project Support Motiva (Norco)
Hydrocracker Cold Eyes Review Motiva (Port Arthur); Motiva (Norco)
Hydrocracker Recycle Gas Knock Out Drum Review Motiva (Port Arthur)
Lube Oil Hydrocracker Revamp (2) Motiva (Port Arthur)
Hydrocracker Fractionation Troubleshooting Murphy
Hydrocracker Naphtha Fractionation Study Nexen
Water/Oil Emulsion Review ONA Polymers
Client EPC Representative OPTI
NHT Revamp Feasibility Study Phillips 66 (Alliance)
Gas Oil Hydrotreater Expansion/Diesel Recovery Revamp Phillips 66 (Borger)
DHT Preheat Debottlenecking Placid
DHT Preheat Debottlenecking add
DHT Preheat Debottlenecking Sinclair (Casper)
DHT Hydrogen Injection Sinclair (Casper)
NHT Stripper Feasibility Sinclair (Casper)
HDT Stripper Optimization Sonneborn
Natural Gasoline Fractionation Feasibility Study Stone
Water Wash Installation Process Design Package Universal
Drum Size Evaluation and New Specifications Universal
Naphtha Unit Debottlenecking U.S. Oil
Hydrocracker Unit Troubleshooting Valero (Meraux)
Hydrogen Plant Optimization Western
Process Design for Increased Product Cooling Williams
Project Scope
C3/C4 Splitter Review Buckeye
Condensate Fractionation Process Study Confidential
Light Ends Recovery From Fuel Gas Conceptual Study (3) CVR Energy; Silver Eagle; U.S. Oil
Gas Plant Conceptual Study Harvest Pipeline
Light Ends Recovery Design Sinclair; U.S. Oil
Light Ends Recovery HollyFrontier (El Dorado)
Light Ends Recovery HollyFrontier (Navajo)
C3= Hydrogenation to Motor Propane Island Energy Services Refinery
RVP Minimization Marathon
Butane Recovery Marathon (Detroit)
Butane Recovery Conceptual Study Marathon (Detroit)
RCCU Gas Plant (Assess & Select Phase) Motiva (Norco)
C4 Splitter Detailed Design Motiva (Norco)
FCCU Gas Plant Study Motiva (Norco)
Sats Gas Plant Debottlenecking Motiva (Norco)
NGL Stabilization Project Redd Engineering
Sats Gas Plant Modifications for Specification Propane Sinclair
Operations and Startup Assistance Universal
Base Case Evaluation (2 Western
Conceptual Debottlenecking (2) Western
Expansion Process Design Package (2) Western
Butane Treating (2) Western
Project Scope
Plant Support Buckeye
Project Development On-site Support Equilon
Plant Support with Multiple Projects HollyFrontier (Cheyenne)
On-Site Support HollyFrontier (Cheyenne); Western
Miscellaneous Tech Services Support HollyFrontier (Navajo); Monroe Energy; U.S. Oil
Interim Technical Manager Murphy; Western
Crude and Vac T/A Study Navajo
Hydrocracker Stripper Operations Review Navajo
On-Site T/A Support Sinclair (Casper); U.S. Oil
Operations Support Sinclair (Casper); Murphy
Process Hazard Tables Development Sinclair (Rawlins)
On-Site Support for Process Hazard Table Action Items Sinclair (Rawlins)
Safe Operating Limits Evaluation Sinclair (Rawlins)
Crude and Vac Startup U.S. Oil
Crude and Vac Startup U.S. Oil
Develop Operator Training Manuals U.S. Oil
Turnaround Support Western; Sinclair
Project Scope
Debutanizer Simulation Confidential
Octane Maximization Phillips 66 (Borger)
Reformer Revamp Phillips 66 (Borger)
Reformer Model Sinclair (Casper)
Effluent System Modeling for Severity Reduction Western
Project Scope
Refinery Opportunity Review Calumet Montana
Gasoline Emissions Modeling Holly Energy Partners
Refinery Naphtha Disposition Review and Isomerate Vapor Pressure Reduction HollyFrontier (Navajo)
Refinery Mass Balance Yield Accounting Island Energy Services Refinery
Aromatics Optimization Marathon (Garyville)
Project Scope
Green Gasoline Biochar from Non-food Sources Project Confidential
New Biodesulfurization Conceptual Design Assistance Confidential
Renewable Diesel Confidential
Water in RTO Feed Troubleshooting Hereford Renewable Energy
Compressor Selection Hydrostor
Solar Project P&ID Development OptiSolar
Project Scope
Incinerator Debottlenecking Western
Project Scope
Tier 3 Compliance Study Andeavor (Gallup)
Tier 3 Scoping Study Monroe Energy (Trainer)
New NHT for Tier 3 Compliance (Assess and Select Phase) Motiva (Norco)
Tier 3 Hydrotreater Revamp Motiva (Norco)
Tier 3 Compliance Study Motiva (Port Arthur)
Project Scope
Selectifier Design 5ECO
Condensate System Degasser AMPCO
Sour Water System Improvement Study Confidential
Condensate System Improvement Study (2) ConocoPhillips; Sinclair
Filter Improvement Project COP
Pump Hydraulic Analysis (2 Design Specialties
Cooling Water System Hydraulic Modeling and Debottlenecking (5) Frontier; Western (3); Motiva (Norco)
Ethanol CO2 Scrubber Modeling Hereford Renewable Energy
Waste Incineration Scrubber Review Heritage-WTI
Fuel Gas Sulfur Reduction Marathon (LAR)
Engineering Support Merrick
Sour Water Stripper Troubleshooting Murphy
Vent Gas Scrubbing Ormat
Sour Water System Improvement Study Sinclair
Caustic System Evaluation Sinclair
Cooling Water System Debottlenecking Universal
Waste Water Vapor Combustor Design Valero (McKee)
Instrument Air Compressor Installation Valero (McKee)
Plant Air Compressor Specifi ation\Procurement Valero (Sunray)
Vent Gas Scrubbing Western
Hydrogen Balance and Flaring Reduction Study Western
Cooling Water System Debottlenecking and Piping Design Williams
Project Scope
Process/Operations Trouble-shooting Fracturing Fluid Manufacturing Apex Resources
Filter/Incineration Optimization Study ConocoPhillips
Ion Exchange Process Improvement Harrell Industries
Ethanol Plant RTO Burner Calculations Hereford Renewable Energy
Process Safety Management (PSM) Holly
Equity Engineering Practices Implementation Holly Energy Partners
Pipeline Fouling Holly Energy Partners
HD Petroleum Distillation Design Increase Performance
Oil Recovery Pilot Plant Review Ionic Reclamation LLC
Transloading Support Merrick
Batch Blending Process Design Merrick
Refinery Conceptual Expansion Optimization Montana Refining
Hydraulics Training PBF
General Project Scoping Phillips 66 (Ferndale)
Used Oil Reprocessing Simulation REDD Engineering
Technical Training RPS, Western
Drawing Update Ryckman
Owner’s Engineering Services for Methanol Project South Louisiana Methanol
GTL Review Stone
Thermal Oxidizer Specification\Procurement Valero (Sunray)
Relief Valve Studies (Multiple) Various
Plant Wide PSV and Flare Studies Various
MSAT II Compliance Western

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