Renewable Diesel

Design Experience 
In 2007 when renewable diesel first began to be considered as an alternative fuel, Ascent assisted in the development, preliminary process design, and cost estimation for a new, proprietary renewable diesel process based on a newly developed catalyst. The work included conceptual development of the new process. Ascent also reviewed feedstock alternatives, the required feed preparation for each, along with the impacts upon the unit design. Since then, the catalyst developer has developed the catalyst and had several patents granted.

Operation Experience 
Ascent’s hydroprocessing Subject Matter Expert assisted with the commissioning, startup and lineout of a small refinery retrofit to renewable diesel. The hardware was repurposed from conventional hydrotreating service to produce on-specification renewable distillate products. Ascent assisted with all technical aspects of the startup and operation, providing high level guidance and expertise. This was a licensed process where a licensor representative was on site and provided input to the startup team. This operations experience adds to Ascent’s extensive refinery design and hydroprocessing retrofit experience. The experiences and record of successful process optimizations make Ascent an ideal choice for an advisor to maximize an existing refinery’s hardware for processing renewable options.

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