• Renewable Diesel

    In 2007 when renewable diesel first began to be considered as an alternative fuel, Ascent assisted in the development, preliminary process design, and cost estimation for a new, proprietary renewable diesel process based on a newly developed catalyst. The work included ........

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  • Diesel Recovery Optimization

    A client approached Ascent with a project to add a diesel recovery section to the top of their crude unit’s vacuum tower. The client’s goal was to maximize distillate recovery by recovering diesel being left in their vacuum gas oil. The gas oil is routed to the cat feed hydrotreater then to the cat cracker (FCC), and thus recovering.....

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  • FCCU Optimization for Tier 3 Gasoline

    The primary objectives of the study were to assist with evaluation of options to meet Tier 3 10 ppm sulfur in gasoline specifications, review the cat gasoline hydrotreater (CGHT) unit, identify modifications to meet Tier 3 specifications, and prepare sized equipment lists such that +/- 50% cost estimates could be generated.......

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  • LSR Hydrotreater for Tier 3 Gasoline

    A client needed to meet the Tier 3 sulfur in gasoline specification. Their initial path was to add a polishing reactor to their RCCU gasoline and a Merox to treat their n-butane. This project was expected to cost upwards of $100MM to implement. Ascent’s initial scope was to just write a butane Merox specificationt........

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  • Hydrocracker Solution

    Ascent was asked to review the Licensor’s proposal for Hydrocracker modifications. The licensor’s work was sound but focused on the Hydrocracker only. Ascent was able to return to the original objectives of the project and find a lower cost way to attain those results. We followed up on a rather detailed Licensor package which.....

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  • Fix Hydrocracker Revamp

    The client asked for a review of an in-progress design for a Hydrocracker revamp. The project gating was preventing quick project approval due to the project’s high capital costs. The goal of the study was to assess the project path and recommend changes that would improve chances for approval.....

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