Hydrocracker Solution

Capital Modification:
Diesel from Hydrocracker feed

The client desired to find lower capital cost options for improving yield and cycle life on the Hydrocracking Unit.

Ascent was asked to review the Licensor’s proposal for Hydrocracker modifications. The licensor’s work was sound but focused on the Hydrocracker only. The detailed Licensor package took the approach of conforming to flowsheet preferences that would be used in a grass roots unit. Ascent’s preferred revamp methodology is to involve the client in a scoping exercise at the outset of the study to identify alternate approaches to address the goals and objectives of the project based on the existing equipment. Ascent’s broad understanding of the Hydrocracker as well as its place within the entire plant resulted in the recommendation to remove Diesel from the Hydrocracker feed via modifications in the upstream units. Ascent provided variations of the same concept that touched fewer equipment areas and maximized the potential of the existing unit than did the licensor’s initial recommendation.

Bottom Line:
Ascent was able to return to the original objectives of the project and find a lower cost way to attain those results. Ascent identified options outside of the licensor box as well as options that the licensor missed within the licensor box in order to realize a cost savings over the initially proposed path forward.

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